Pressed Steel Grilles (PS)

Pressed Steel Grilles are primarily used in domestic and commerical applications. They are also used as a transfer grille in doors or walls. Pressed Steel Grilles are often used with a slimline fire damper (S300 Series) in fire doors.

White, beige or grey undercoat as Standard

Pressed Steel Grilles PDF

Eggcrate Grilles (EC)

Eggcrate Grilles are one of the most widely used grilles. They are able to handle large volumes of air when a high air change rate is required.

Eggcrate Grilles PDF

Non Vision Grilles (NV)

Non Vision Grilles are designed to give ventilation between rooms but maintain a level of privacy. Non Vision grilles are designed so that you do not get a straight line of sight through them.

Non Vision Grilles PDF

Single Deflection Grilles (SD)

Irish Ventilation & Filtration can supply Single Deflection Grilles in an y size to suit your requirements.

Available with or without dampers.

Single Deflection Grilles PDF

Double Deflection Grilles (DDR)

Double Deflection Grilles are designed to provide vertical and horizontal directional air control. They consist of a rows of blades running vertical and another in front running horizontal.

Available with or without a damper.

Double Deflection Grilles PDF