Irish Ventilation & Filtration provide a range of In-Line Centrifugal Duct Fans.

We stock sizes from 500sq to 1000sq, constructed in a Galvanised Steel casing. The impellers are backward curved centrifugal capable of handling high pressure systems.

Our EKHR and DKHR fans are widely used in the Irish Market. 

The Unobox Range are available with Motors in or outside of the air stream

 Product Code Size  Download PDF
EKHR355-4SB 500x500 EKHR355-4SB 
EKHR400-4SH 550x550 EKHR400-4SH
EKHR400-4SB 600x600 EKHR400-4SB
EKHR450-4SB 650x650 EKHR450-4SB
DKHR500-4SB 700x700 DKHR500-4SB
UNOBOX 50-355-4E  500x500 UNO50-355-4E
UNOBOX 67-400-4E 670x670 UNO67-400-4E
UNOBOX 67-450-4E 670x670 UNO67-450-4E
UNOBOX 67-500-4E 670X670 UNO67-500-4E
UNOBOX 80-560-4D 800X800 UNO80-560-4D
UNOBOX 80-630-4D 800X800 UNO80-630-4D 
UNOME 50-355-4E 500x500  UNO-ME50-355-4E 
UNOME 67-400-4E 670x670  UNO-ME67-400-4E 
UNOME 67-450-4E 670x670  UNO-ME67-450-4E 
UNOME 67-450-4D  670x670 UNO-ME67-450-4D 
UNOME 80-500-4D  800x800 UNO-ME80-500-4D
UNOME 80-560-4D  800x800 UNO-ME80-560-4D 
UNOME 80-630-4D  800x800 UNO-ME80-630-4D 
UNOME 102-630-4D 1020x1020  UNO-ME102-630-4D 
 UNOME Installation Details   Unobox-Me Installation